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Signs Your Commercial Heating Needs Repairs (or Replacement)

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A commercial heating system often goes unnoticed, but it holds a pretty important role in the workplace.  If the equipment is not operating properly, it can hurt employee morale, productivity, and, in extreme cases, even employees’ health.  

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to avoid HVAC downtime. All you need is to be attentive to signs indicating your commercial heating system needs repairs and call your trusted HVAC contractor when you notice one.

Below is a list of signs of heating problems and factors to consider when deciding between repairs or replacement. This blog will also cover the importance of hiring reputable heating services in Prosper, TX.

Signs You Need Commercial Heating Repair in Prosper, TX

When something is wrong with an HVAC system, it will usually show some telltale signs. By being aware of these signs and understanding what they mean, you can avoid costly business consequences and system repairs due to more serious damage down the line. 

Here are some of the common signs you should look out for:

Increasing Utility Bills

Most of the time, a huge percentage of utility bills in the winter months is attributed to heating and air conditioning systems. Energy consumption can increase drastically if your commercial heating unit in Prosper, TX is not operating efficiently. So pay attention to your heater’s energy costs, and if you notice a sudden spike in energy usage when there are no changes in the rate or usage, then you’ll know there is a problem with your system. It won’t hurt to call your HVAC provider for an inspection. 

Loud, Odd Noises

Loud, strange sounds from a heating system is never a good sign. It could indicate the presence of a problem, such as loose parts, malfunctioning components, or an issue with the ductwork.  Your commercial heating system should usually be relatively silent, so if you start hearing strange noises coming from the unit, it’s a sign that something is wrong and needs to be looked at. The same holds true for your air conditioning system.

Rising Temperature Differentials

When there’s an issue with heat distribution in your workplace, you may notice big temperature variations between different rooms or sections of the office. This is generally caused by problems with the ductwork or a malfunctioning motor, filter, or fan in the HVAC system. It’s important to address this problem immediately, not only because it can affect the comfort of your office but also because it can cause further damage to your heating system. 

Water Leak

Your air conditioner isn’t the only one that could leak water. Even your heating unit will do too.  It could be a sign of clogged drains, frozen evaporator coils, or malfunctioning valves. Not only can this cause extensive damage to the system but it can also lead to water damage in other areas of your office. If you notice a leak coming from your commercial heating system, shut off the unit and call for HVAC repair right away. 

Bad Smell

Any commercial establishment needs to be able to project a professional and welcoming atmosphere,  and a bad smell coming from the heating system can mar that impression. Bad odors could be caused by a wide variety of issues, such as clogged filters, electrical problems, or even mold growth. It will affect not just your comfort but the indoor air quality as well. If you notice any strange smells coming from your commercial heating system, shut it off and call your HVAC provider right away.  There may be a need to clean the air ducts.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is when the heating unit turns on and off frequently during operation. This isn’t normal behavior, and it is usually caused by a number of factors, such as a faulty thermostat, clogged air filters, or an issue with the compressor. Not only is it inefficient, but it can also cause further damage to your commercial heating system if left unchecked. 

Commercial heating systems are essential for providing a comfortable and safe working environment in any business establishment. So if you notice any of the signs above, it’s important to have a qualified technician inspect your system and make necessary repairs.

When Does Getting a New HVAC System Makes Sense Than Repairs

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that heating and air conditioning repairs are always the best options when it comes to your business’s heating and cooling system. After all, why replace something if you can patch it up? But sometimes, replacing an older HVAC system altogether is a better solution in the long run. Let’s take a look at when getting a new HVAC system makes more sense than repairs. 

Cost-Benefit Analysis 

The first step in determining whether you should repair or replace your HVAC unit is conducting an honest cost-benefit analysis of both options. If the cost of repairing your current unit is high enough that it would be more practical to get a brand-new unit, then that’s likely the best option for you.  

On top of this, consider how much energy you would save by investing in a newer, more energy efficient HVAC system compared to keeping your current, outdated one.  A newer model could help lower your energy bills over time and pay for itself in savings.  Additionally, many local utility companies offer rebates on new heating and cooling systems, so it’s worth looking into those as well. 

Age of Unit 

If you have an older model that is no longer under warranty and has been experiencing frequent issues lately, then investing in a new one may be the smart move here. Newer models come with modern features like advanced filtration systems and quieter operations that significantly improve comfort and efficiency in your property. 

Not only will you enjoy greater reliability with a modern system but also benefit from additional safety features.  It’s important to note that some units may still be running after 15 years or even longer with regular preventative maintenance, but if yours isn’t performing as well as it used to then consider replacing it altogether instead of constantly having it repaired every other month or so.  

Environmental Impact 

When deciding between repairs and replacement for your HVAC system, consider the environmental impact as well. Newer HVAC equipment is designed with energy efficiency in mind, which means they use less power while producing better results than their predecessors did back in their day. This translates into fewer emissions being released into the atmosphere, which can help reduce our carbon footprint significantly over time—not just locally but globally too! 

Additionally, opting for a greener model may also qualify you for tax credits or other incentives from federal or local governments, which could further offset some of the costs associated with replacing an old unit with a newer one down the line.  

Deciding whether repairing or replacing an old HVAC system makes sense depends on several factors, such as cost-benefit analysis, age of the unit, and environmental impact, among others. It’s important to weigh all these considerations before making any decisions so that you can make the right choice for your needs and those around us who are affected by your actions – both now and in the future! 

Always Hire Licensed Contractor For Your Commercial Heating Repair Prosper, TX

When it comes to your commercial heating system, there’s a lot at stake. One wrong choice, and you could end up with a malfunctioning system and costly repairs. That’s why it is essential that you only hire a qualified, licensed contractor for your commercial heating repair in Prosper, TX.

A licensed contractor must meet all the requirements set forth by their state board of contractors to be certified. It includes proper training and several safety certifications. By ensuring that the contractor you hire is properly certified, it guarantees that your heating system will be repaired efficiently and safely.

When hiring a looking for heating and air conditioning contractors in Prosper, TX, make sure to ask for references from previous customers. Read their reviews and check out the Better Business Bureau rating before making your final decision.

It’s also best to know about their expertise and experience. Have they fixed similar problems in the past? Are they familiar with your particular type of heating system? Do they repair all types of HVAC systems, including heat pumps, electric furnaces, etc.?

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When you notice something strange with your heating unit, please don’t hesitate to contact us. With our technicians, no job is too big or small to handle. We also help minimize repairs to our customer’s heating systems by providing annual maintenance services. But if your heater is too old or the repair is too costly, you can also count on us for HVAC installation. 


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